Terms & Conditions of Sale

General Terms of Sale

These general terms of sale ("General Terms of Sale" or "GTS") aim to define:

• the online sale on the website www.citylabcosmetics.com (the "Site") of the Experiences offered by City Lab Cosmetics;

• sale of Products available for purchase through the Site and customizable within the scope of the Digital Experience;

• sale at the Store of Experiences and Products.

The company owner and responsible for the sale of Products and Experiences is Citylab Srl., an Italian limited liability company with registered office at Corso Venezia, no. 54, 20121, Milan (MI), Tax Code and VAT no. 12784550969 (hereinafter the "Company" or "Citylab").


The terms hereinafter, in addition to those listed above with the initial capital letter, in both the plural and singular, shall have the following meanings in the GTS:

"Account": refers to the account created by each Registered User on the Site.

"Purchaser": refers to the Registered User who purchases an Experience or a Product.

"Recipient": refers to the Registered User other than the Purchaser, the direct beneficiary of the Gift Experience.

"In-Store Purchase": refers to the purchase of an Experience or a Product at City Lab Cosmetics.

"Online Purchase": refers to the online purchase through the Site, as appropriate, of an Experience or a Product.

"City Lab Cosmetics" or "Store": refers to the store of CITYLAB, named "City Lab Cosmetics" and located in Milan, Corso Garibaldi, no. 3.

"Experience": refers to innovative services and experiences in the beauty sector, also aimed at creating a Product, conceived, developed, and provided by the Company within City Lab Cosmetics.

"Digital Experience": refers to innovative services and experiences in the beauty sector, aimed at creating a Product, conceived, developed, and provided by the Company remotely through the Site.

"Gift Experience": refers to Experiences purchased by a Registered User and to be provided, at the discretion of the latter, in favor of the Recipient.

"Payment Methods": refers to the payment instruments for Online Purchase, depending on the case, of the Experience and Products, provided by third-party providers (such as PayPal, Stripe, Scalapay, etc.) and indicated within the appropriate section of the Site. For more information, refer to the respective general conditions of the provider for each Payment Method.

"Booking Code": refers to the alphanumeric code included in the confirmation email and identifying the Experience purchased by the Purchaser.

"Order": refers to the purchase order of a Product or an Experience.

"Products": refers to the products sold by CITYLAB, referring both to those generated during an Experience and those generated during a Digital Experience.

"Registration": the procedure by which the consumer, also a User, registers on the Site in order to obtain a valid Account and access reserved services provided by the Site itself.

"Confirmation Email": refers to the receipt, containing the Online Purchase Identification Number or In-Store Purchase of the Experience.

"User": refers to the person browsing or connecting to the Site.

"Registered User": refers to the consumer, also a User, holder of an Account through Registration on the Site.

Nature of the Experience

The Purchaser acknowledges that the Experiences involve the provision at City Lab Cosmetics of beauty advice, which in no case constitutes medical or scientific advice, aimed, if necessary, at creating a Product for the Purchaser.

Online Purchase of Experience

Purchase of the Experience

The Registered User can make Online Purchases of one or more Experiences for themselves or for a Recipient. For the purpose of Online Purchase, the Purchaser must indicate, using the appropriate procedure provided on the Site, the type of Experience they intend to purchase and check the available slots for its use. Once the purchase is concluded using one of the Payment Methods, the Purchaser can book the desired slot. Following the successful completion of the above, the Online Purchase and the reservation can be considered completed.

Purchase of the Gift Experience

Following the Online Purchase of the Gift Voucher Experience, the Purchaser will receive an email with the coupon to be forwarded to the Recipient of the gift. This is done using the "Gift" procedure provided on the Site. The gift recipient can book their Experience by entering the coupon code received.

Confirmation of Online Purchase of Experience

Following the completion of the Online Purchase, and as confirmation thereof, CITYLAB will send the Purchaser a confirmation email (the "Online Purchase Confirmation") containing all the information regarding the purchased Experience, including the order number. The Online Purchase Confirmation will also be available to the Purchaser within the appropriate section of their Account. The Purchaser undertakes, from now on, to keep the Online Purchase Confirmation, which they will be required to present at City Lab Cosmetics to use the Experience.

Suspension or refusal of Online Purchase of Experience

CITYLAB reserves the right to: (i) suspend the processing of an Online Purchase of an Experience and contact the Purchaser to obtain supporting documents that may be necessary for the completion of the Online Purchase itself (by way of example and not exhaustively, proof of address, identity, or bank details); (ii) cancel or refuse the Online Purchase of the Purchaser: (a) in case of unsuccessful payment of the price of the Online Purchase through the Payment Methods (b) in case of suspicion of fraudulent Order, pursuant to applicable law; (c) where there is a pending dispute between the Purchaser and CITYLAB itself concerning the payment of a previous purchase.

Use of the Experience

The services constituting the subject of each Experience will be provided by CITYLAB exclusively at City Lab Cosmetics, with the support of individuals appointed by CITYLAB, experts in the cosmetics sector and meeting the professionalism requirements required by the best sector practices.

Modification of the date and/or time of use of the Experience

Up to 1 (one) hour before the chosen time in the Booking phase of the Experience, the Purchaser may, using the appropriate procedure provided on the Site, modify the chosen date and time. The modification will be deemed accepted by CITYLAB and successful only after the Purchaser receives the relevant confirmation email, stating the new date and time selected in the modification phase.

Right of Withdrawal from the Online Purchase of an Experience

Pursuant to Articles 52 et seq. of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (the "Consumer Code"), the Purchaser shall have the right to withdraw from the Online Purchase of the Experience, without having to provide any reason, nor be subject to penalties, within 14 (fourteen) days from the completion of the Online Purchase of the Experience, i.e., from the receipt of the confirmation email with the details relating to it. This right of withdrawal shall not, in any case, apply to In-Store Purchases.

The aforementioned right of withdrawal may be exercised by the Purchaser by means of a specific written request (the "Return Request") to be sent to CITYLAB within the aforementioned period by: (i) email to the address customercare@citylabcosmetics.com; (ii) registered letter with return receipt to the address of the Store (Corso Garibaldi, no. 3, 20121, Milan).

With the Return Request, the Purchaser must necessarily indicate: (i) their name and surname; (ii) the Order Number; (iii) the chosen Experience.

CITYLAB, following verification